El Monstruo

El Monstruo

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  • Plant-based finishes / 0% VOC
  • Child safety: Standard EN 71-3
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Each piece of furniture and toy we manufacture has an exceptional finish: A product made in Belgium called Oil Plus 2C from the Rubiomonocoat company. This high-quality linseed-based oil has obtained important certifications, such as LCA, B-EPD and the prestigious Indoor Air Comfort Gold from Eurofins, guaranteeing safety in indoor environments.

It complies with EN 71-3 toy regulations and is suitable for food contact, making it safe for wooden toys and kitchen utensils. Furthermore, it stands out for:

  • Preserve the natural beauty of the wood.
  • Be ecological, without water or solvents.
  • Contain 0% VOC (volatile organic compounds).

Rubiomonocoat's Oil Plus 2C is a reliable, aesthetic and environmentally friendly choice.

  • Teak 18mm
  • Spanish White Pine Plywood 18mm

Both oven dried.

  • Intended for indoor use.
  • The wood finish is highly water resistant; However, we recommend that you dry it with a cloth as quickly as possible if it gets wet.

El Monstruo, the creative corner for our little ones. That beautiful place called a desk, where the next pranks of the day are planned or the first kindergarten tasks are started.

And for the convenience of parents, it is completely disassembled, easy to store and transport. ;)

The desk is very sturdy and safe for use. We subject it to tests in which it supports weights significantly greater than that of a child, even more than 70 kg.

Age: 9 months to 4 years.


Desk: 60x43x35cm (Length x Width x Height)

Weight: 4.40kg / Packaged product: 5.53kg

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