Let them be free

Is there more?

The managers office

El Monstruo


A day at the office....

Excuse me miss...

Will my cat fit in there?


My farm

With 2 fences..

Handmade product

"We make all our products with lots of love and passion in our own workshop, using our trusted hands and tools."

Our history

0% VOC finishes

"We use a linseed oil-based wood finish, it is ecological, 0% VOC and complies with EN-71-3 toy regulations, making it very safe for children."

Made as a gift

"Every product we have created has been a gift for our son. We have paid special attention to every detail and now we are delighted to share these creations with all of you."

Our Vault

With affection for you

"From the heart of our family, where joy and love infused its creation, we extend that warmth to you in each piece of our handcrafted wood furniture. Created with love and care, for our valued customers."

Our Vault